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Complaint Procedures

The Litchfield Board of Education and the administration encourage students, teachers, and patrons to communicate with the administration when concerns and/or complaints occur. It is important that each complaint be dealt with according to board policy. Complaint procedures must be followed in order to protect the integrity and reputation of our students, their families, our teachers, staff, administration, and our board of education. False rumors and/or accusations based upon untruths affect the school district and its patrons in a negative manner. The complaint procedures 402.05, 403.05, and 1005.01 are compliant procedures that have been adopted as a part of the school board’s policies. The policies have been drafted and cross referenced according to federal and state law. Each policy is included on this website for all patrons, school staff and administrators to follow.

Public Complaints

Public Complaint About Employees

Employee Grievances

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