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Allison is an artist and art teacher currently living in Ansley Nebraska, a graduate of Concordia University in 2006 with a Fine Arts Degree.

Allison’s professional career initially took “shape” in the form of paintings, prints, and giant sculptures sold to zoos. Her 14’ caterpillar outside of the Butterfly Pavilion presides at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo.  This piece among other examples of her creations, are in zoos all over the nation. In addition, Allison also has done several illustrations for Wesleyan University’s publication, Archways. During this time Allison was interviewed by NPR as the Lincoln Arts Council's Emerging Artist.

After finding her niche in the art world following college, Allison decided to share her passion with others. In 2010 Allison began teaching art to students at Omaha Westside District 66. Allison’s work with children took shape in the form of community projects outside of the classroom made possible by grants from the Nebraska Arts Council. Outdoor beautification works were created in collaborative efforts with local youth as an initiative for community pride and summer fellowship. Notably, examples can be seen in the form of a tree mural residing at Clinton Elementary at 27th neighborhood depiction from the student view-point at Everett Elementary on 12th addition, a beautification project involving welding, mosaics, and gardening was collaborated and led by Allison at Irving Middle School as an after school outlet.

In an impromptu exhibition of artistic expression, Allison began painting LIVE for benefits and Galas all around Lincoln, Omaha and Kearney. Once complete pieces are auctioned for charity causes and proceeds contribute to much needed funding. Attendees enjoy the experience and one person wins the painting to hang in their home or office. Her performances have elicited annual requests for live auction appearances and invitations to an ever expanding list of events.

As Co-President elect of the Nebraska Art Teacher’s Association, Allison advocates for arts education to legislative bodies, school administration, and community leaders. Through her knowledge of subject matter and her passion for artistic expression, Allison advocates for in everything she does.

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