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Missoula Children's Theater Audition & Presentations- August 2017

We are excited to announce a world-class opportunity, which will be coming to our area in exactly one month! We strongly encourage students from Litchfield, Ansley, Loup City, Mason City, Ravenna, Pleasanton, and surrounding areas to come to audition for an experience that will be simply awesome!

Auditions will be held for the Missoula Children's Theatre (MCT) production of GULLIVER’S TRAVELS on Monday, August 21st at the Litchfield School Stage from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Those auditioning should plan to stay for the full two hours. Some of the cast members will be asked to stay for a rehearsal immediately following the audition.

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS is an out-of-this-world original sci-fi musical adventure adaptation created by the Missoula Children’s Theatre. With his spaceship wrecked and his trusty computer on the fritz, brave explorer Gulliver finds himself lost in space. While transporting from world to world, Gulliver discovers fighting aliens, foolish Yahoos, robots, and more – all who need just as much help from Gulliver as Gulliver needs from them! Among the roles to be cast are Gulliver and his trusty computer JCN (Jason). The Giant King, Queen and Princess of Brobdingnag (brab-ding-nag). A Giant Wasp, the Maniacal Scientist of Lapunta (la-poon-ta) and his Robots. Houyhnhnm (who-in-um) Horses, Yahoos, and Aliens of Liiliput and Blefuscu (blue-foo-skoo).

Students from 1st grade through 12th grade are encouraged to audition. No advance preparation is necessary. Assistant Directors will also be cast to aid in rehearsals throughout the week and to take on essential backstage responsibilities. The Missoula Children's Theatre touring productions are complete with costumes, scenery, props and makeup. MCT Tour Actor/Directors will conduct rehearsals throughout the week from 4:00 to 8:15 pm each day. After school snacks and supper will be provided for the students participating. It will be an out-of-this-world experience starting the day of the solar eclipse!

GULLIVER’S TRAVELS will be presented on Saturday, August 26 at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. at the Litchfield School. The Missoula Children's Theatre residency is brought to you by the Sherman County Arts Council with support from the Sherman County Foundation.

For more information, call Kris Hickey at (308) 390-5113.

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